Primer – the finest way to keep makeup on all day

As a makeup artist and someone who does all skins, all nationalities etc the finest way to kee someone’s makeup or even that of your own is to use a primer.  First of all the skin should be clean so clean it with your normal regime or your clients, then put on a beautiful moisturiser according to the skin type.  Blot it and then apply a primer to the face.  The best one I believe on the market is by Smashbox.  It comes on a clear tube and is so effective i can begin to tell you!  Even the smallest round ball of primer can be used or spread over in the parts that are shiny e.g. the nose, cheeks, forehead.  A primer is a brilliant product as it smoothes the skin over, blots out any grease or shine and makeup seems to last longer when using this.  It doesn’t sting, i have never found anyone allergic to the Smashbox primer and you only need just a tiny round ball and it goes a long long way.  this product is unlike any other i have ever known.  Try it you will see an enormous difference.  Also it is good to use on someone who has uneven skin textures as it just seems to even it out, ready for you to use a foundation on the top or even a mineral makeup.

Just brilliant!!!

Smashbox is a company selling brilliant makeup and this product in particular is brilliant!  I worked for Estee Lauder for many years who i understand now own this company.  smashbox primer smashbox 2

Here is a little detail about this company:

Smashbox Cosmetics’ brand philosophy is all about creative license and freedom. “The most amazing thing about being here at Smashbox Studios is there’s this creative energy that’s unlike any place I’ve ever been before,” says Founder Davis Factor. “We wanted to create makeup for everyone that’s beautiful to wear, feels great and solves the same problems at home that we solve here in the studios. This is a real place. We have makeup that we’re using on trendsetters every single day, and everyone gets a piece of that. No other cosmetics brand can make that claim: created, tested and photographed at a real studio.” Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor adds, “We really bring you inside. We give you all the tips and tricks we use here. It’s like, ‘Come on in, hang out with us for a while!’