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Wedding & special occasion hair

Gillian Katz, mobile hairdresser and makeup artist to the famous, and not so famous! (Surrey based).Do you want to feel like a film star on your wedding day? Then why shouldn’t you!  There are so many stunning styles to choose from for all different hairstyles.  In this weather a sultry up style is the finest way as you are bound to still look beautiful at 10pm and you do at 10am without drooping!  A good hairdresser will look at your hair and consider how it will hold and then do the finest they can.  As a wedding hairdresser who does TV, film and lots of wedding and special occasion hair, vintage styles are very in at the moment.  Soft curls, pincurls, marcel waves, intertwined barrel curls finished with a spray of my fantastic hairspray is enough to send any man wild!  Well why shouldn’t you if you are going to marry him!  Little stunning hair brooches and accessories just show it off beautifully.  Here are a few examples on my website, do keep in touch i will be writing lots more now!  My name is Gillian Katz of www.yourweddinghairandmakeup.co.uk.